Leading the World in Automotive Polyolefin Compounding Technology

About Advanced Composites

About Advanced Composites

On January 1, 2003, Mitsui Chemicals established Advanced Composites, Inc. (known as ACP) by merging two major Automotive TPO Compounders: C&C Tech in Sidney, Ohio, and ATC Inc. in Nashville, Tennessee.  Advanced Composites is a North American joint venture between four entities:  Mitsui Chemicals, Prime Polymer, Mitsui And Company, and Marubeni USA.  Our parent company, Mitsui Chemicals, holds controlling interest in the enterprise.  Advanced Composites relies on the combined expertise of its four shareholding entities to bring to the automotive industry market-leading technologies in PP and TPO Compounds.

With products ranging from super-ductile materials required for interior-trim, side-air-bag (SAB) applications and highly engineered TPO compounds needed for scratch-resistant, mold-in-color instrument panels,  to compounds designed for exterior bumper-fascias and body-side moldings , Advanced Composites develops products and processes to meet the most challenging automotive applications.

Advanced Composites is the leading supplier of TPO’s (Thermoplastic Olefins) and Polypropylene Compounds to the North American Automotive Industry.  Our line of products consists of proprietary formulations designed to meet specific OEM applications. Our customers include all of the domestic and transplant OEM’s, as well as their major T1 and T2 suppliers.

In order to provide industry-leading technologies, Advanced Composites contributes extensive resources to research and product development.  Our unwavering goal is to make available to our customers products and technical support that together will reduce their overall costs and improve the quality of their products.

Working under the global strategy of Mitsui Chemicals, Advanced Composites supports its customers with industry-leading technologies and products. Advanced Composites’ corporate policy.

Central Office (Corporate HQ): Sidney, Ohio

Manufacturing Facilities:  Sidney, Ohio
Nashville, Tennessee
Aguascalientes, Mexico