Leading the World in Automotive Polyolefin Compounding Technology


Product Highlights

Advanced Composites manufactures custom Polypropylene and TPO compounds specifically for the automotive industry. We have an unequaled reputation for developing PP/TPO Compounds that provide high-quality, lower-cost alternatives to more expensive engineered thermoplastics such as ABS, PC, PC/ABS, and SMA.

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Mold-in-Color Technology
Advanced Composites leads the industry in the development and manufacture of Scratch-Resistant, Mold-In-Color TPO compounds for Automotive Instrument Panels. Since we introduced the first such materials in 2000, ACP has acquired nearly 90% of the North American market.

Over the past six years, Instrument Panels made from precolored TPO have replaced many of their much more expensive painted PC/ABS counterparts. Reducing costs has been the primary driving force behind the shift toward TPO since molded-in-color designs do not require expensive secondary painting operations.
While lower costs have provided the primary thrust for the shift away from painted engineering resins to MIC TPOs, other important benefits result from the use of MIC materials:

  1. Environmental: Eliminating painting eliminates emissions of harmful VOC’s. In addition, non-painted plastic materials are much easier to recycle.
  2. NVH (Noise-Vibration-Harshness): Due to Polyolefin materials being inherently quiet and not prone to squeak or rattle, their use results in IP designs that generally require no BSR countermeasures. Accordingly, manufacturing and warranty costs are reduced.