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Airbag and Safety TPO Materials

Advanced Composites Airbag and Chute materials

  • Industry-leading deployment performance as low as -40°C
  • Excellent weld performance
  • Scratch-resistant and UV-Stable to the toughest OEM standards
  • Available for paintable applications

Airbag and Safety TPO Materials

Advanced Composites is committed to meeting the need for high performance TPO airbag covers and chute materials as the performance requirements continue to increase.  Current SRS Airbag systems include traditional steering wheel and instrument panel airbags as well as side curtain, knee, and hip airbags which can be mounted in the pillars, door panels, seat bolster, and lower instrument panel.  All of these implementations can be covered with high-impact TPO materials designed to absorb the energy of deployment without further compromising the safety of vehicle occupants.  Advanced Composites manufactures a range of compounds designed for the increasing amount, reduced size, and higher energy requirements of current and future airbag applications.


Airbag cover TPO compounds from Advanced Composites are designed for applications such as seamless instrument panels, pillars, door panels, seat bolster covers, and knee bolsters with industry-leading ductility at temperatures as low as -40°C. Our safety materials are available for paintable or Mold-in-Color applications formulated for superior weldability and excellent weatherability.