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Lightweight Solutions


Advanced Composites is continually working to develop advanced lightweight TPO materials to meet requirements for lower part weight and better fuel economy.  Lightweight materials require advanced development techniques beyond simply reducing filler or reinforcement content in order to maintain important properties.  Desirable properties such as ductility, impact performance, scratch resistance, weatherability, heat resistance, and low thermal expansion can be affected by weight reduction techniques.

Advanced Composites is focused on several strategies for producing lightweight TPO compounds that meet OEM requirements while reducing part weight.  We have a portfolio of reduced density grades designed to meet the properties of traditional 20% filled TPO materials at lower part weights.  We also offer materials designed for thin-wall molding, where improved properties are needed to make up for the reduction in bulk and higher injection pressures.  Advanced Composites is also at the forefront of injection foamed TPO development using safe chemical blowing agents for strategic part weight reduction.

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