Leading the World in Automotive Polyolefin Compounding Technology

High-Gloss TPO

Advanced Composites has spent almost a decade developing commercially viable mold-in-color, high-gloss TPO materials capable of replacing both interior and exterior materials for smooth-finish applications that are typically painted. Eliminating the need for painting can reduce processing cost, equipment, and production time as well as shrinking the environmental footprint of part production.

High-Gloss TPOs from Advanced Composites have outstanding flowmarking resistance, making them suitable for small and large parts that require a uniform finish. Our high-gloss TPO materials offer a gloss rating of over 80%* with vibrant, chromatic color capability. Combined with our exceptional metallic mold-in-color TPO technology, high-gloss TPO solutions from Advanced Composites provide a versatile replacement option for a multitude of painted interior and exterior trim applications. We offer high-gloss TPO materials with UV stability and scratch resistance designed to withstand the same punishing conditions as paint. Enjoy less mess.

* 60° Gloss measurement